Two young entrepreneurs from EPFL founded Aquasis Solutions in 2011 within the framework of the first group of entrepreneurs at cewas. The project is the natural progression of their preceding work in environmental science and sustainability with various international organizations and academia in Europe and South America.

Starting an NGO specialised in water management in 2011 was like planting a seed in the desert. This metaphor gives you an idea of how challenging it is to improve food and energy security in a world where water is a scarce resource. Despite the difficulties, we have managed to set an agenda on responsible sharing of water resources aiming to meet our needs for safe water, both for drinking and agriculture.

Since its creation, Aquasis Solutions has been helping the agri-food industry, governments and communities to understand the value of natural capital (e.g. land, water, biodiversity), of ecosystem services and the relevance of water compensation projects where they have been implemented to the benefit of the local economy.

Today we are shaping an agenda involving innovative financial mechanisms and water metrics solutions aimed at meeting the need for safe drinking water and sanitation and securing water for food.

The association will no longer exist as of September 1st 2018, we will keep a passive archive for information purposes until March 31st 2020