Aquasis Solutions is a non-profit organisation that helps companies, governments and local communities to protect, conserve and equitably share water resources in a sustainable way.

We work with companies purchasing raw materials in water-stressed countries to help them understand the impact of water on their supply chains and profits, as well as increase their focus on access to water and sanitation in the communities where they operate.

At present, the human species is depleting and destroying its water and land resources with little idea of the consequences. However, it is possible to bridge the gap between theory and action and create a path towards another future. We are currently demonstrating, in the field, concrete and tangible examples of this bridge. Conflicts can be avoided and collaborations initiated between businesses, NGOs and local communities, even on controversial issues like water scarcity, one of the top global risks facing humanity in the 21st century.

We believe that land and ecosystems are bond to water. Hence, our work derives from a water nexus vision that water is intimately connected to all aspects of economic development in society.

Our priority is to improve access to the safe and high quality water necessary for individual consumption, food production, ecosystem services, and industries.

Why a drop of water?

Aquasis chose to represent the Earth and the drop of water as a single entity to evoke what may be the greatest environmental challenge of the coming century. Unlike fossil fuels, water has no substitute, and water is the essential element relating energy, food, and life on Earth.

More specifically, our work involves improving access to safe drinking water and sanitation for all, conserving water in the agricultural sector to avoid overexploitation of groundwater reserves, and the proper disposal of suitably treated industrial wastewater, all steps toward the larger objective of protecting the ecosystem.

We have the possibility to safeguard the development opportunities, raw material procurement security, lives, and dignity of the population while ensuring greater water accessibility and sustainable practices in the agricultural, industrial and sanitation sectors.

  • We support and have helped to create the “2000 L society vision” aiming to halve global water consumption within the next 50 years.
  • We are the first organisation in Switzerland to develop the concept of water footprint compensation at the watershed level. We use the latest developments in water footprint methodology, participatory development tools and emerging financial mechanisms to determine and implement the most suitable solutions.
  • We have developed the new label “Ecolocal” to promote sustainable practices in restaurants.
  • We advocate for natural-based solutions adhering to the concept of a resource-based economy recognising nature’s capital, as well as measures and actions to contribute to climate change mitigation, adaptation, disaster risk reduction and improving food security.
  • We promote the concept of “natural capital” (the inherent value of soil, water, ecosystems and all living things) so that companies and governments can gain insight from this emerging topic and begin implementing methodologies.

The association will no longer exist as of September 1st 2018, we will keep a passive archive for information purposes until March 31st 2020