Aquasis attended the G21 Sustainability Forum Leadership – Water Risk in Switzerland

July 1, 2017 | Posted on Uncategorized, 0 Comment

José Luis Carrasco attended the G21 Sustainability Forum Leadership as a keynote expert to talk about the water risks challenges, barriers and solutions. This annual event is meant to be the platform for the economic transition in Switzerland. Its aim is to encourage meetings and collaboration between scientific, economic, and political actors and NGOs, to support the companies in their innovating and sustainable projects, and to showcase the best initiatives and innovations which will be the leading projects of tomorrow, always in a forward-looking spirit. Aquasis in collaboration with Néstle, Quantis, WWF and the Swiss Water Partnership held the event Water Risk in Switzerland.

At this event, representatives from various sectors explained the water-related risks of governments, investors, businesses and consumers and propose solutions to address these issues. The discussion showed the perspectives of the different actors on this theme, their challenges and the different approaches to tackle the water risk, which can then be discussed upon with the audience.

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