Aquasis’ representative attended Innovate4Water Forum as a panelist

June 10, 2017 | Posted on Uncategorized, 0 Comment

The United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization’s “WIPO GREEN: The Marketplace for Sustainable Technology” hosted the Innovate4Water event that brought together various water stakeholders over the course of three days (entrepreneurs, investors, large and small companies, non-governmental organizations, UN agencies, incubators) that are contributing to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6. This event is co-organized by WIPO GREEN, WaterVent and Waterpreneurs.

José Luis Carrasco attended the topic 2: Water Food-Energy as a speaker. Mr. Carrasco spoke about how to convince more companies that they need to start to invest in the real water scarcity problems at watershed level aiming to reduce water risk and cementing customer loyalty. A precondition for addressing water issues is to start gathering background information on water and undertaking water risk assessment.

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