• Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), also known as life cycle analysis, is a tool used to evaluate the potential environmental impact of a product, process, or activity throughout its entire life cycle, from the extraction of the raw materials, through the manufacturing, distribution, use and disposal.
  • Our LCA methodology is based on ISO 14044 standards
  • With LCA, Aquasis Solutions quantifies your environmental impacts from the use of resources (e.g. energy, and water) and environmental emissions (e.g. air, water, and soil) associated with your product, process or activity being evaluated.
  • In other words, conducting an LCA, Aquasis Solutions can answer the following questions
  • How does the potential environmental impact of a new product or service compare to the one already on the market?
  • How do two different manufacturing processes of the same product compare in terms of resource use and emissions?
  • What are the relative contributions of the different stages in the life cycle of this product to total emissions?
  • Which are the raw materials that have lower environmental impacts?
  • Which is the industrial design leading to lower environmental impacts?
  • Which are the products that have lower environmental impacts?
  • Which is the packaging type and design that have lower environmental impacts?
  • Which are the key parameters that need to be monitored and controlled?
  • Which part of the system can be modified to improve performance?

With our LCA methodology, complex issues can be resolved and communicated.

With these answers you will be able to:

  • Make the decisions which will lead to lower environmental impacts
  • Improve your water footprint, carbon footprint, and ecological footprint
  • Improve your system efficiency in terms of water use, waste disposal and raw material sourcing
  • Communicate your environmental performance in an easy and simple way to your customers
  • Enjoy customer acceptability, long term benefits for local communities, stakeholders and be part of the best pioneer sustainable network of companies around the world
  • Improve your image among your clients and stakeholders
  • Become green label or certificate eligible

The association will no longer exist as of September 1st 2018, we will keep a passive archive for information purposes until March 31st 2020