Local Water Compensation Project in Morocco

January 10, 2014 | Posted on News, 0 Comment

The Water Footprint Compensation at watershed level, has received the approval from the Coop Sustainability Fond. Aquasis Solutions is currently establishing a public-private partnership with GIZ (German Development Cooperation) in order to officially launch the project in Morocco in the following months.

The region around Agadir is positioned as the agricultural powerhouse of Morocco and generates lots of jobs and income. However, the scarce resource in this arid area is water. The innovative project aims at mitigating the impact of the agricultural water use on the environment and local communities. This aim will be achieved by locally compensating the amount of water that is necessary to produce the fruit and vegetables imported by the Swiss retailer Coop. Specifically, the project will implement rainwater-harvesting equipment and improve irrigation practices together with small communities in a rural area of the watershed. By doing so, the project partners Aquasis Solutions and Coop contribute to a more sustainable water use at watershed level.

Find out more about our innovative water compensation project in Morocco under this link.

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