Life Cycle Assessment of biscuits production

Comparative LCA between different raw material and packaging options.

Improvements implemented: The Hug Group switched to a hydroelectric power source.

Seetal Region, Luzern

Solutions for Lake Baldegg Eutrophication

Preliminary design of an innovative mechanism to solve the eutrophication problems in Lake Baldegg

Sustainable Sanitation Water Management toolbox

Factsheet  contributions

Advanced oxidation processes, Coagulation Flocculation, Activated Carbon, Desalination, H2O2, Ion exchange, Membranes Reverse Osmosis, Ozonation, Treatment Plants.

Mechanical Water Use, Hydropower (small-scale), Hydropower (large-scale)

Holy Cow

Life cycle Assessment and Ecolocallabel acquisition

Life Cycle assessment of 2 restaurants in Lausanne Improvement implemented: acquisition of low emission vehicles, introduction of bioplastics in packaging, Acquisition of Ecolocal Label


Creation of the Label Ecolocal

Third level Ecolocal


Water Footprint Estimation

Estimation of water footprint linked to fruit and vegetables grown in Morocco and imported into Switzerland by Coop

Feasibility study for different water management solutions

Evaluation of several solutions to compensate the water footprint involving a participatory approach. Economical and technical assessment

Implementation of water compensation project

link to the pdf executive summary of water compensationproject

Swiss Foundation for Sustainability

2000l Society

Contribution to the design of the 2000L society vision, providing expertise on the subject of water footprints


Life Cycle assessment of water treatment processes

Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of coagulation and disinfection agents: conventional vs. in situ  electrochemical production