Through research and development, we help organisations to conceptualise ideas and visions in order to improve sustainability and water management practices.

We have come to the understanding that scientific knowledge and innovation, through the development of products and services for the market and for governments, are a perfect and essential complement to industrial processes, policy making and the ways our societies are built. From our first research project, where we were faced with the challenge of developing a market-based solution aiming to meet water quality goals at a lower cost as a solution to eutrophication problems in Lake Baldegg, to our work on the 2000 Litre Society vision to halve water consumption, we have been challenged to innovate and develop new approaches in order to succeed in our endeavours.

Environmental metrics and indicators

Aquasis Solutions uses the latest advancements in scientific accounting methods (e.g. Life Cycle Analysis and Water Footprint) and innovative approaches (ecosystem services, natural capital) to analyse and quantify the environmental impact of products and services.

As an NGO, we aim to democratize access to expensive environmental metrics (LCA and Water Footprint), which have historically been accessible only to a privileged group of big companies. We have undertaken LCAs and WFs with small and middle-sized companies and institutions in Switzerland, such as restaurants and family-owned companies.

We use a variety of environmental tools and metrics as means to achieve concrete, real-world solutions. We go one step further than simply delivering final reports by implementing internal and external improvements to reduce environmental impacts and cost.

Procurement security and ecosystem services

As the demand for reliable consulting for ecosystem services increases simultaneously with the demand for sustainability in the supply chain, both the public and private sectors are looking for independent organisations to assess their dependence on natural resources. This approach constitutes a milestone, ensuring long-term procurement security of raw materials when this new science is translated into real projects in the field.

At Aquasis Solutions we have acquired a wealth of practical work experience based on ecosystem science. We believe that the key to addressing the growing demand for food, fresh water, energy, and timber relies on the integration of environmental science and engineering with the social business model.

Strategic actions for ecosystems, populations, and procurement security

Our approach when implementing projects on the ground is based on participatory development, integrated resource management and innovation. We start our projects from scratch, manage them from beginning to end, perform the follow-up, and find mechanisms to guarantee their self-sustainability.

Furthermore, thanks to our broad range of partners in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia, we are able to implement environmental projects and find co-financing partners, usually in the form of public-private partnerships.

The association will no longer exist as of September 1st 2018, we will keep a passive archive for information purposes until March 31st 2020